A Thought About Characters

               Last night, I wrote a new chapter for my work in progress. A scene I originally had not planned on adding but chose to include to give the reader more insight into my villain’s world. This got me thinking about my characters and their little literary existence bordered by my mind and the words on the screen.

               I realized characters need to be organic and they all have a history, with themselves, their friends and their enemies. A history that goes past whatever backstory I include in my writing for the purpose of my story. If they are well travelled, and have 40 years of experience, then its my job as the author to ensure a character’s past experiences influence their actions. A character's influences on their actions also need to be communicated to the reader, either directly or indirectly. Each character has had struggles, achievements and made sacrifices along the way to when and where my work in progress takes place.

Before this little thought, which may seem rather obvious to some, I saw characters as complicated beings but hadn’t fully considered how each one would function in their intricate world. Our world is a complicated place, and their world is even more helter skelter. I am seeing my characters in a whole new way. I’ve had connections galore popping in my mind all morning and can’t wait to add some more past influence into my characters’ actions.

 Its like I am getting to know my characters all over again.

Thanks for reading! If you would like to share your thoughts on this, please leave a comment below.

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